Several years ago I taught a Wednesday night Bible class to third and fourth graders. There was no specific curriculum so I made up my own. I decided to start with the first page of the Bible and work my way through, hitting all the major stories I’d learned as a child and tying them all together for the kids. A long piece of butcher paper hung horizontally on the wall with the words “The Family of Jesus” written at the top. The first night we wrote in “Adam and Eve” and with each story we came to we filled in the name of the relative Jesus descended from.

This plan was truly brilliant. Have you seen how big the Bible is? Have you read the recorded genealogy of Jesus? I was pretty sure I could manage enough lesson plans to last me for quite a while. I figured I’d just cruise along, scan over the familiar stories ahead of time; write down the pertinent character on our family tree and BAM! Lesson done with a minimum of work.

But a funny thing happened. Each week as I’d read through the next chapter or two in preparation for the upcoming class, new things would jump off the pages at me. I started seeing the Bible in a whole new way. I have always believed the Bible to be the Word of God, but it always seemed kind of like a history text book/instruction manual hybrid. Instead I found out the Bible is loaded with all the elements of a great fiction novel: suspense; deceit; murder; adultery; love; war; violence; tenderness; mercy – all wrapped up in the ageless battle of good versus evil.

Not only that, but so many of the stories I’d learned as a child and thought I knew so well were not exactly as I had remembered. And all those parts in between the familiar tales that you hardly ever hear about? Overflowing with unexpected gems, some of which are hardly appropriate for children. (Intriguing, isn’t it?)

So, starting at the beginning of Genesis and going until I become inundated with requests to please stop the madness finish the entire Bible, we’ll look at the interesting/funny/crazy things it says. We’ll also keep track of Jesus’ rather colorful lineage as we go through the Old Testament.

But here’s the thing.  This series will only be as good as the participation.  Read the scriptures for yourself and add your two cents or four cents or a whole dollar if you’re so inclined.  Agree with me, disagree with me, point out something I totally missed.  I say we have fun with this and maybe learn something along the way.

Can I tempt you into taking a trip through the Bible with me? I can’t promise any deep spiritual insights, but I can promise you an amazing ride with surprises and treasures and more than just a few laughs around nearly every bend. And who knows? Maybe we’ll even glean something of real substance every now and then.